Friday, September 30, 2016

Kids On Board Lady Martina Water Limousine

21 August 2016 - On Board the Lady Martina

The last time I'd been on board Lady Martina was 3 years ago when my good friend YB Yap Soo Huey invited us for the ride.

We decided to go again since I haven't brought my kids there before, and also since Wen and her family were here in Penang so it would be fun to go together.

Lady Martina is a water limousine ride from Straits Quay-E&O Hotel and vice-versa.
You can purchase the tickets at rm10/each when you make a purchase at SQ. A RM50 receipt entitles you to purchase a max of 2 tickets and RM100 receipt entitles you to purchase a max of 5 tickets.

The timing of the ride was a bit off to me as you can only choose either the 12noon ride or the 3pm ride. Both are super hot hours you know.

We chose the 12noon ride as it was before the kids nap time so it was a safer bet.

Everyone happy and hyped up before the ride.

Took a family photo of Straits Quay while waiting for our ride.

A photo of Wen, Ian and Ethan. Baby Riley was at home with pho-pho.

My 2 boys. 

 Love this photo. My kids love Ian yee-cheong, that was why all of them wanted to sit near him. ;)

 Walking the steps down to the jetty.

Ready for the ride. 

 Love this photo of us 5. Everyone was looking at the camera! ;)

Yes, we had the whole limousine to ourselves on the ride to E&O. 

And off we went.....bye-bye SQ.....


The boys enjoyed looking out the window. 
To tell the truth, it was a little stuffy in there even with the open-back. I think it was because of the wind direction and we could not feel the wind in the limousine unless you sit in the open deck behind. But if you do, you would get sun burnt of the noon harsh sun. Haha. 

Me attempting to do a wefie of the 5 of us.

 I think they enjoyed the ride.

We took a few photos in the open deck behind. 
Look at how Khye still squinted his face even with his shades on, will tell you how harsh the sun was out in the open deck.

My sis and her family. ;)

We picked up some passengers at the E&O Hotel, and then we took the ride back to SQ almost immediately. The journey was about 15-20 minutes each way.

The boat ride from E&O to SQ, the wind direction was better and it was a breezier ride compared to earlier. You could finally see our hairs tousling against the wind.

This is the only pic I have of the Lady Martina this round. Oops.

Here you are, a better photo of it, taken from the SQ website. Haha. 
Lady Martina 2 - resize

Overall, it was a good experience and my kids enjoyed it. It was the highlight of Shern's school holidays. 
I'm going to add this to the Cuti-cuti Penang series, and the Places To Go In Penang With Kids

For more details of the Lady Martina service, please refer to the SQ Website here

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