Saturday, November 20, 2010

Breastfeeding - Part 8 - Weaning Shern (17th Month)

I have finally, successfully, weaned Shern off breastmilk at 17 months.

I already planned to wean Shern off during my trip to Hong Kong. Since I would be in Hong Kong for a week, and if Shern could withstand not able to suckle for that long, he should do OK.

But besides that, Shern was already happily taking formula during the morning session when I am not around. Just that once he saw me, he knew that his 'milk-milk' is hidden underneath my clothes. And sometimes he did asked for it, pulling my clothes, smiling, and saying ''
So I hadn't the heart to wean Shern off. In fact, I was enjoying the bond we both shared. :)

But since I came back from Hong Kong being a super sick girl, I had to take strong antibiotics to help bring down my tonsils, my bad sore throat, cough and flu. The antibiotics was not suitable for breastfeeding.

Aside from that, although I did bring my faithful Avent Manual Breastpump to Hong Kong, as days went by, milk expressed breastmilk supply went downhill. I also did not know why.
The first day in Hong Kong, I expressed 10 oz of EBM. The next day, only 8 oz, and by the final day in Hong Kong, my EBM was down to 2 oz per session. Pathetically little!

And slowly, my breasts were not so easily engorged although I was late getting back to the guest house for a pump. In fact, my breasts were still soft, as though there was not much milk in it.

So I guess our body and mind is a very clever little machine. Knowing that I planned to wean Shern off, it automatically reduces the milk supply.

So how does Shern take it?

Well, at first he was rather sad that every time he tugged at my clothes and said '', I told him 'no more' and lifted my clothes to show him my bra. He could not find the nipple and he understood the meaning of 'no more'. So sometimes he will cry. I then offered him 'nen-nen' which is the formula milk in bottle or his 'tuet-tuet' pacifier.

During night time, no more easy-lift-up-clothes to let Shern suckle. Instead, need to ask him if he wants 'nen-nen'. And if he does, I need to make formula milk for him. Usually, Shern obliged and said '' to formula milk.

Now nobody in the house dare to utter the word 'milk-milk', in fear that it would trigger Shern to find my breast and lead to a frantic search and cry session! Haha!

So how does Mummy take it?

I am a little sad. I am so used to Shern suckling my breasts and his feeling of satisfaction whenever he finished a suckle was indescribable. (Shern usually let out a big sigh of satisfaction after a suckle!)

But I am relieved that the weaning part was not a struggle and practically pain-free for me. Glad that the gradual weaning process went smoothly for both of us.

I am happy and proud that I managed to provide Shern a healthy dose of breastmilk for 16 months. It was not an easy breastfeeding journey for me. But it was all worth it.

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MieVee @ said...

Well done for breastfeeding Shearn for 17 months! Glad that your weaning journey has been smooth. Enjoy your new-found freedom from wearing nursing clothes. :)

pENguiN~ said...

You have done a great job! :)
I hope my weaning process will be as easy as yours too... :P

tanshuyin said... glad and proud of myself too! ;)
and anyway, i did not buy any nursing clothes the whole time. i juz wore normal clothes nya. then when wanna breastfeed time i juz go to the breastfeeding room/changing room or find somewhere suitable.

penguin....ur bb is 9 mths old. gonna reach the 1 yr milestone soon! all the best!

Kate said...

congrats for getting this far! so does that mean you're physically ready to conceive your second baby? :p

tanshuyin said...

karen....have been physically ready for quite some time dee. juz now mentally ready yet! ;)

and since we will be going to US mid next making session juz have to wait ;P

Kate said...

nice! Traveling to USA for W Buffet GM?

tanshuyin said...

yeaps. we will be attending 2011 Berkshire Hathaway AGM ;)

im dreading the flight there. Freaking 36 hrs in total to reach Omaha, Nebraska.

This Mama Loves... said...

just wanna congratulate you for doing such a fab job at breastfeeding Shern till now. you will be inspiration to many!

tanshuyin said...

hie...i like reading ur blog and im loving ur toddler homecooked food recipes! ;)

This Mama Loves... said...

thanks! glad to hear that! enjoying yr baked treats too! :)