Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is There Such Thing As Cheeky Laughs?

Let's take a break from my Hong Kong Updates. So what topic should we focus on today?
Shern of course!

Shern just turned 17 months the day we returned from our Hong Kong trip! He came to the airport at around 11pm to greet us. The wide smile on his face when he saw us was priceless. In the car ride home, he konked out because it was way past his bedtime!

I missed him a lot when we were in Hong Kong. Three of us could not stop talking about Shern. Everything reminded us of him there! And when we got back, Shern seemed to be a little thinner but a little taller than when we left for Hong Kong. Hehe

See his cheeky smiles? He is easily being tickled and his giggles and laughs are contagious!

10 November 2010

This is a short clip of him enjoying himself....sitting on the armchair so leisurely while kong-kong fed him apple.

This is another short clip of him having fun and laughing his cheeky laughs while playing with me. (pls pardon my sexy voice!) :)

Ok. That's all. Just a short update of my little darling baby! :P

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