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Hong Kong - Day 3

1 November 2010 - Monday
OK, time to update our third day in Hong Kong.

Did some research online and google is such an amazing tool! Learnt that there is this breakfast place at Jordan which serves super good typical Hong Kong breakfast, although the name of the place is called Australian Dairy Company. Well, just ignore the name! Hehe.
So of course we wanted to try it out.

We purposely took the MTR to Jordan, then walked to Bowring Street. From the MTR Exit C2, turn left on Bowring Street, then first right turn to Parkes Street.
There is this large sign which greets you 'Australia Diary Company'

You can see some people queuing up outside waiting for a place.

Inside was packed. All the locals were there having their breakfast.

First we ordered what was recommended by the website. We ordered Toast With Butter (HK$6). It was delicious. I didn't know toasted bread could taste this good. Well, I've always been a bread lover, so you might not believe me!

Then we ordered a set of Toasted Bread with Scrambled Eggs. Their scrambled eggs were supposed to be very good according to the review I read. Well, it was good. Milky and with just the right texture and saltiness! Yummy!

We wanted to try their french toast so we ordered French Toast with Syrup and Butter (HK$16).

Their drinks was so-so. Their Hot Milk Tea was average. Not to say no good ler but I guess we were a bit tired of drinking milk tea all the time.
Their Cold Ice Chocolate drink (HK$16) was a little above average. It's really chocolate and not Milo, btw. :P

After that we turned around and saw that on almost every table, there is this plate of Macaroni dish. Hong Kong people seems to love this dish as almost everyone eat this.
So although it looks kinda pale, we decided to give it a try. So we ordered Macaroni with Ham in Chicken Soup.

But I tell it was a BIG mistake! It tasted horrible. Haha. The macaroni texture was OK, but it was kinda bland in the no-taste chicken soup. And I could not really eat macaroni without cheese. Three of us could not finish it. Haha.
Well, at least we tasted it before!
After breakfast, we were ready for Ocean Park.

After that, we took the MTR to Admiralty Station, Exit C. Coming out from the exit, turn left to take the Bus 629 which will take you directly to the Ocean Park Main Entrance.
(First bus 9am, and last bus at 4pm)
The bus fare was $10.60 i think. Either you pay in exact change (bus drivers don't give change) or alternatively, just use your Octopus Card.

This is the Ocean Park Main Entrance. There is supposedly two entrances to Ocean Park. The Main Entrance and the Tai Shue Wan Entrance.

Tickets were HK$250 per person for adults. We got the 10% discount voucher. So we paid only HK$225/person.

Before we started, we looked at the Ocean Park Map and the Show Times Guides to plan our day. But it was so confusing with so many shows with many showtimes. So in the end, we just chose a few and just braved in anyway.

First we went to the Waterfront area which is near the entrance. It was kind of a mistake as this part is mostly for kids as there are no thrilling rides here. Just child-friendly rides like mini Ferris Wheel and the Merry-Go-Round. Haha. But we managed to a nice bird show here.

And the pandas were really cute and lazy. Hehe

While there, I started to feel a little hot. In fact it was a hot and sunny day. But I started to feel hot from inside the body. Asked hubby and Min to touch my forehead and Min says 'not hot, no fever'. Peter says 'a little hot, mild fever'. I was feeling a bit sick and burning. My eyelids burned every time I closed my eyes.
And I left the paracetamol in our guesthouse. Shit...too late!

After like two hours at the Waterfront, we then decided to go to the other area called The Summit. There are two ways to the summit, either by the Cable Car or by the Ocean Express Train which is just like the MTR. We decided to take the Cable Car.

And boy, was I surprised! I mean, I did not notice that the summit is way on the other side of the island. The cable car took us across a few hills and it was quite a long ride in the cable car. I did not know that Ocean Park is so big!

View of the Waterfront

Crossing hills to reach the Summit

View of the Summit

Upon reaching the Summit, the first attraction we came across was the Ocean Park Tower something like that. It takes you up to to 72m and then it gently rotates 360 degree so that you can have a stunning view of the South China Sea, Aberdeen and the outlying islands.

After that we were hungry since it was lunch time and hubby and Min queued up at Boardwalk Cafe @ Summit, Ocean Park to grab some food while I booked a table to rest my headache.

The Boardwalk cashier was the slowest cashier I've ever encountered in Hong Kong. Hubby and Min were holding the food with the tray on their hands waiting for the cashier for more than half an hour. By the time they bring the food to the table, the noodles and rice became cold. It was terrible! And it was not cheap as well.

A bowl of noodle and soda and a plate of chicken rice with soda cost HK$131. And the worst thing is that they were cold by the time we ate it! Please don't order your lunch there!

After lunch, I was feeling worse. So in the end, we looked for the First Aid icon in the Map. When we went into the First Aid place, the first aider took my temperature and it read 38.6 d celcius. I hadquite high fever!

She told me that they could not simply dispense paracetamol without doctor's prescriptions. Then she asked me to sign a form and to answer a list of questions. Then she said I could not rest in the place while hubby and Min went to play. She said I should go to the hospital.
She told me a visit to the Government Hospital there would costs me HKD550 since I am a foreigner.
Well, I knew she meant well but she was getting long-winded so we left since I could not get paracetamol from there.

After that, I told Min I better go home to rest and eat my paracetamol. I told Min to continue to enjoy Ocean Park, while hubby accompanied me back to the Guesthouse and he said he was afraid I would pengsan along the way if I go back alone! Hehe.

So this time, we took the Ocean Express back to the Waterfront.

Then, we took the Bus 629 back to Admiralty Station and took the MTR back to the guesthouse. Bought kool fever ice pack at the pharmacy near to our guesthouse. Then popped 2 paracetamols into my mouth and straight went to sleep.

Meanwhile, Min enjoyed Ocean Park by herself. She complained there were nobody to take photos of her. Hehe. But she went to the Ocean Theatre and took the Dolphins photos and some videos for me to see. They were marvelous. If you go to Ocean Park, you must not miss this show!

When Min came back at around 6.30pm, I woke up and was alright again. Paracetamol and Kool Fever work wonders! Hehe

I was all ready to go to the next destination in our itinery. Shopping at Causeway Bay!
We took the MTR back to the Admiralty Station. Then change to Island Line from Admiralty Station to Causeway Bay Station, Exit F.

Once we came out from the Exit, there were so many bright and shining signboards greeted us! Wow...really shopping haven at Causeway Bay!
There were also many people there although it was a weekday.
Heard from a friend that the road opposite Sogo is the busiest road in whole of Hong Kong!

Saw this in one of the malls. Reminded me of Shern straightaway. Too bad he was not there. I could imagine his whole face lights up if he sees this Thomas.

Stopped by a nearby Dai Phai Dong to have our dinner. As usual, I could not read the name of the shop. Hehe

We were kinda heaty so ordered drinks with lemon to soothe our throats.
Lemon Tea (HK$13) and Lemon Hydromel (HK$14) which turned out to be honey with lemon. It was a real soothing drink indeed!

The Beef Brisket with Rice (HK$28) was good. The beef in Hong Kong are so tender. Even when served by the roadside.

The Wanton Noodle was so-so. (HK22)
So far, still had not tried nice Wanton Noodle in Hong Kong!

There were many small shops along the roads. And the glittering signboard can make you blind!

We stopped by some place for desert when we saw the mouth watering photos outside the shop.
Ordered this Iced Sawdust Mango with Milk and White Pudding (HK$24).
Such a small bowl for HK$24 is a little pricey but the desert is unusual and so nice.

Underneath the sawdust (which turned out to be cookie crumbs) is a light and nice eggwhite pudding. No eggy smell at all. In fact, really refreshing! Sorry, the name of the shop is in Chinese and we forgot to take photos of the place.

Then I saw the shop that sells the BEST curry fish balls I have ever tasted. Ying Heong Yuen. My favourite place for Curry Fish Balls.

There are many choices. Your pick.

We ended up with the deep fried wanton thingy with some sweet red sauce (HK$10) and a stick of Curry Fish Balls (HK$7).
The wanton thingy was so overly sweet that it was really terrible. We threw it away after eating a piece.
The curry fish balls were delicious. The curry was spicy (most place's curry are not very spicy) and it was full of flavour. The fish balls texture were not so chewy like others in Hong Kong.

Then we did some shopping. Managed to buy some nice earrings and belts and some other small stuff here.
Halfway shopping, desert time again as hubby bumped into a Hui Lau Shan franchise.

Wanted to try their Mango Pudding but it was sold out so we ordered Peach Pudding with Hokkaido Milk and Yogurt Filling (HK$15)

It was nothing special. Just a simple Peach Pudding. The Milk and Yogurt Filling portion is so stingy. It did not even came pouring out when we cut it open. Just a little filling oozed out. Not worth HK$15. Portion is super small OK.

At around 11.30pm, we went home. Took the MTR back to Tsim Sha Tsui and in the subbasement, hubby stopped at his favourite desert shop Coco Frans and ordered another desert.

It's Mille-feuille Custard Cream (HK$14) this time and it tasted way better than the Peach Pudding!

End of Day 3. Fuyoh........

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