Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yiu-Shern - week 27

7 Dec 2009

Yiu-Shern's 27 weeks Milestone

Decided to change paeditrician for Shern. Dr. Dan from Island Hosp is good. But too bad the medicial insurance that I bought for Shern does not cover Island Hospital. So I went to do some research and decided to take Shern to see Dr. Chiah Cheun Hui from Gleneagles Hospital.

Shern took a liking to him immediately. Shern did not even make noise when he was being laid down for physical examination. He even smiled to Dr. Chiah.

I like Dr. Chiah alot. He is very thorough and I like that he supports the idea of giving solid to baby only after 6 mths old.
In the physical examination, he checked Shern's head, tummy, testis and even checked for cleft lips & palate when I told him that Shern likes to pretend to gag.

He was given the 3rd jab of the Hepatitis B there. This time, Shern was sitted on my lap while Dr. Chiah gave him the jab. He did not even cry when the needle was poked onto his thigh - but he cried for a mere 5 secs when the medication was injected inside.

Shern's growth measurement:
Age - 6 months @ 7 Dec 2009
Weight - 8.00 kg
Length/Height - 69 cm
Head Circumference - 44cm

Itching Gums
Shern's gums are still itchy. Everything within his reach still goes straight into his mouth. But nowadays he prefers things with harder texture. He prefers to bite on plastic toys compared to soft toys now.

12 Dec 2009

Stranger Anxiety
He was better behaved with strangers. Shern now is ok with his Ah-Ma & Ah-Kong, though sometimes still protests when they carry him.
As of now, Shern is still mummy's little baby ;)

Pink Foam Playmat
Shern can kinda sit now - though he still can tumbles over. But we now put him down there with his toys for him to play, to learn how to sit and turn and crawl. He has more freedom there.

The best thing which I love is that we can also kneel down to his level and play together with him inside the mat. :)

13 Dec 2009

Wa Wa Wa - Complain Before Sleep
Shern is into his complain mood. He will 'wa wa wa' for a long time before sleeping - sometimes even up to 15 minutes. It is really irritating to hear him.

8 Dec 2009

Cheeky Shern
He is getting more and more cheeky each day. Sometimes he would wail as if he was being tortured. The next moment, he will look straight into your eye and grin and smile. You really cannot stay angry at him.

7 Dec 2009

Solid Food Update
Shern has graduated to eating sweet potatoes this week. He don't seem to like it much though I don't know why because they are so sweet and I love it. But he doesn't.
He will still eat but can't seem to finish a small bowl.

Outing to Island Plaza
We took Shern to Island Plaza. He was very fascinated with the running lights and the brightly lit Christmas Trees.

Now that Shern is 6 months old, we are bringing him out more and more.

13 Dec 2009

How Is Mummy Doing?

-I bought many story books and now I am back to reading. So I have finished a few books these few weeks

-As you all should know, I baked oatmeal raisin choc chip cookies and it was super yummy.

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