Thursday, December 10, 2009

Emah's Birthday

Emah (my paternal grandma) turned 89 yesterday according to the chinese calendar. We had a small gathering of our family & relatives at kuma's house.

It was nice to see my relatives there just to eat and talk and catch up.

camerawoman: yours truly - that is why you can't see me here

camerawoman: kuma

Emah is getting real forgetful nowadays. She can still remember me. But she can't seem to remember Yiu-Shern at all. It was always the same questions she asks in hokkien.

"Whose baby is this?"
"Wah...Shu-Yin is married already?"

Anyway, I am glad she is blessed with good health and longevity. Ay 89, she can still walk and goes to the toilet by herself, etc.

Shern was in one of his best behaviour last night. He did not really throw a tantrum. He smiled and goo-goo-gaa-gaa-ed a lot in fact!

It was Shern's first time attending a birthday party.

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