Monday, December 7, 2009

Yiu-Shern - week 24

20 Nov 2009

Yiu-Shern's 24 weeks Milestone

Small Objects

Shern can now spot small objects - his vision is improving by leaps and bounds. He can also recognize his toys now. If I try to hide his toy partially (part of his toy peeking out behind the chair), he will try to move his hands to indicate that he wants it.

Grab Grab Grab

Shern now tries to grab everything within his reach - and it happens frequently with our cameras. Whenever we put our cameras too near him, his hand would suddenly appear.

So it is now quite a challenge to take close-up pictures of him.

20 Nov 2009

Min-Yee's Bed

Shern overall likes to be on his tummy. I find that he especially likes Min-Yee's bed. He always wear a big smile and snuggle on her bed - which ends up full of his saliva.

Well, that makes a happy Shern and an angry Min-Yee :)

22 Nov 2009

How Is Mummy Doing?

This week is a very busy week for us. We had less than a week to pack up everything so that we are ready to move on Sunday. In fact, we barely had time to breathe let alone take pics of Shern. So there are only a few photos of Shern this week *guilty mummy*

Besides that, I attended 2 weddings - Debbie and David's Wedding on Friday and Soo Yin & Raymond's Wedding on Saturday. (will blog more about this when I have time)

It was a real hectic week.

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