Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yiu-Shern - week 25

28 Nov 2009

Yiu-Shern's 25 weeks Milestone

Reaching Out
Shern is now reaching out with his hands for everything.
If you are lucky, he will be reaching out for his toys, pacifier, etc.
If he is in a naughty mood, he will be reaching out for your spectacles, necklaces, earrings.

25 Nov 2009

Within Sight
Shern still loves tummy time. But only when there is someone near him - as in you are still within his sight. Once he lost sight of you, he makes noise.
So when you leave him on his tummy playing with his toys, once a while he will take a peek at you to see if you are still there!

25 Nov 2009

Shern with Jocelyn
We borrowed Janette Sis's maid Jocelyn for a few days to help us to clean our still-messy home. Shern takes quite a liking to her and did not mind her carrying him.

27 Nov 2009

Making Faces
Shern is always making funny faces - especially with his mouth. He will twith his mouth up and down, right to left.

23, 25 & 29 Nov 2009

How Is Mummy Doing?

Jocelyn gave me a breather at those times she came over - helping me to clean the house and also to take care of Shern. How I wish we have a maid. (do you hear me, darlin'?)

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