Saturday, December 19, 2009

Homemade Baby Food: Batch Cooking & Storage

Now that Shern has tasted many single food, it is time for him to have a few types at one go.
To save time, I do batch cooking.

So far, Shern has tasted sweet potatoes, pumpkin, brocolli, and carrot.

pureed pumpkin, pureed brocolli & pureed carrot

Wash, chop, steam and blend the food and into ice cube trays they go.

They actually have specific baby food storage like Baby Cubes but they are expensive, about RM41.00 each tray. I use good quality ice cube trays with cover and they serve the purpose just fine! And the best thing is they costs only RM4.99 each.

Freeze them and then transfer them into Ziploc bags once they are solid. Write the date and name of food - first in, first out.
Now I have handy individual portions of Shern's food ready to be used.

I will cook rice cereal for him and then throw in a cube of brocolli and a cube of carrot into it. Or I will just simply mix 2 or 3 of the pureed food and serve.

I'm gonna try Shern on fruits next. And I'm going to make homemade vege stock for Shern to make his rice cereal more appetizing! :)

I believe in letting Shern enjoy wide range of flavours and textures.

Homemade baby food is so easy and fun to make!

p/s-Remember to apply the four day rule as you introduce each new food to your baby, in order to identify any potential allergies or digestive problems.


scarediechickenme said...

looks nice...btw, where you bought the rm4.99 ice cube tray?

tanshuyin said...

i bought it from parkson. the ice cube tray is from japan i think coz there are all the japanese words on it.

Elly said...

wah so nice la you..really a dedicated you cook it then. share the recipe lee