Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yiu-Shern - week 18

8 Oct 2009

Yiu-Shern's 18 weeks Milestone

Took Shern to see Dr. Dan for his 4th month checkup on the 8th Oct 2009, Thursday. Was given the 2nd dose of Rotavirus vaccine orally. He also got his 3rd dose of the 5-in-1 jab (DTPa, Polio & Hib)* on his thigh.

He was on his best behaviour the whole time. He waited patiently sitting on my lap in the waiting area. He was looking curiously at everything - the people & the noises.

I was a bit paranoid - fearing that he may catch the h1n1 flu, so we sat at a corner - away from everyone else. :P

Shern's growth measurement:
Age - 4 months @ 8 Oct 2009
Weight - 7.5 kg
Length/Height - 60 cm
Head Circumference - 41cm

I mentioned to Dr. Dan that Shern eats less nowadays - 4oz every 3-hourly (and not 2-hourly anymore). Dr. Dan then said that he will need to measure his weight gain but he said that he seems like a big boy.
And true to his words, Shern is an above average baby at 7.5kg @ 4 months.
However, Dr. Dan assured me that he is NOT obese.

4 Oct 2009 - What a big boy I am!

Ahhh...the goodness of breastmilk!

8 oct 2009 - EBM via bottle

Shern did not have any fever after his jab. I was already preparing everything just in case he came down with fever after his jab just like the previous two times. I got the ear thermometer, infant paracetamol, everything ready.
But there was none! He was as active as ever! *mummy grinning from ear to ear

Sleep Pattern
Shern usually sleeps at around 10pm because his mummy dilly-dally at pho-pho's house. *grin
But when we are at home, he sleeps around 8.30pm.

Shern sleeps on his tummy (although it should be back for sleep, tummy for play). He will not sleep for long if I put him on his back.

But if I don't want him to sleep for long during the day, I will put him to sleep on his back in his rocker.

left: 8 oct 2009 - Peaceful sleep in his baby cot
4 Oct 2009 - daytime nap in his rocker

Sitting Upright
As he grows, he realized that he is fed-up with the ceiling and sky scenery. He wants to sit upright to watch the world goes by.

That is why Shern likes to sit in his Bumbo Seat. He always seems so excited whenever he is in it. He tends to lean forward and waves his two hands - then realized that he can't move - he is stuck inside there. But he still seems contented to be in there. He can sit there quietly for a longer period.

6 Oct 2009

Head Lifting Upright
Shern can now lifts his head upright 90° while on his tummy. He also likes being on his tummy. He can lift up his head for a longer time now - almost 2-3 minutes at a time.

6 Oct 2009

Shern nowadays makes many expressions. Now he likes to use his mouth to purse his lips.

6 & 7 Oct 2009

Shern is a smiley baby. He smiles easily. He likes people to talk to him - and he does not mind long as there are people willing to spend some time to talk and play with him.
He is someone who thrives for attention :) *mummy pengsan

6 & 7 oct 2009

Noticed all his bibs? Well, Shern is usually wearing a bib nowadays - he drools too much ;)

The last time Shern poo-ed was last Friday 2 Oct. He then did not poo for 5 whole days. On his 6th day, Shern poo-ed THREE times. The first time was so much til poo-overflowed out from his MamyPoko onto his back and neck. Argghh......

3 of Us went to the airport to fetch Ah-Ma & Ah-Kong back from Singapore on the 7th Oct.
3 of Us went to the airport again on the 8th Oct to fetch Pho-pho and Min-yee back from Phuket.
I guess airport is the only place Shern has been to besides hospitals and family houses.

Pic of 3 of Us
Here is a photo of the 3 of us while at home

6 oct 2009 - 3 of Us

How Is Mummy Doing?

I felt like I was in jail for 8 whole days. Felt so good just to go out for food take-aways and to the airport. I need to breathe :)


Mindy said...

Shern has grown a new hairstyle now :P

chiaoju said...

and shern's new hairstyle damn gaya. hahaha!

oh shu-yin, can he wear the onesie i give him d? or is it still too big?

i bet it won't be long before he learns how to crawl!! =)

yes he's a smiley baby, but not when auntie chiaoju's big black camera comes out! *teehee*

tanshuyin said...

mindy....haha..yeayea. btw, shern is now botak. so next update week19 will show a botak shern again :)

chiaoju...can wear dee. a lil big but can wear. he wears it a few times dee.

tanshuyin said...

chiaoju...this pic "4 Oct 2009 - What a big boy I am! - shern is wearing one of the onesie u gave him!!! :)

chiaoju said...

oh yea!!

if i remembered correctly, the onesie was for 6 - 8 months old baby!

tanshuyin said...

chiaoju...omg..really? i didnt notice the age size. usually i juz tengok which baju seems to fit him then i let him wear dee.


SH said...

my fav would be the 4th oct pic. He looks like he's declaring.. that he is.. SUPERMAN! Jeng jeng jeng! Lol.
You make a fine momma, shuyin.

How is he calling you and Peter when he starts talking? =)

tanshuyin said...

siean....haha..not sure. shd be daddy n mummy. or mebbe papa & mama? haha..dunno also. i prefer mummy n daddy but it sounds difficult as his first words :P