Sunday, September 4, 2011

Terrible Two Has Begun - 26 Months

Yes, even though it is 3 months late, I am quite sure Shern is going through the Terrible Two stage. At 26 months++, he is right into it.

Wikipedia defines Terrible Two as a child development stage which normally occurs around the age of two and consists of toddlers often saying no and throwing temper tantrums.
I've heard of it,sure, but never really put this thing in front of my mind, until it really happens before my eyes.

Shern was behaving terribly for the past four day until now. He is saying NO to everything. He refuses to bathe, refuses to change his clothes, refuses to go to Popo's house, refuses to come home, refuses to sit in the car, refuses even to get out of the car!

And no amount of coaxing or explaining works. Even tantalizing him with his favourite things doesn't work. Either Shern just loves to say NO or is one stubborn bull!

Eh, don't think it is just him saying no. It is him saying no and throwing tantrums, and crying and wailing after that.
Before this, Shern seldom cries. He whines yes, but usually quite manageable. But now, he is unmanageable!
He would not budge even when he got slapped on his thighs 'til red. And he even got locked outside the house door. And still he would not say sorry.

I tell you, I'm going crazy soon.
Can someone please tell me how long does this Terrible Two stage last?


Julia said...

there's no full stop, you will eventually get adapted to it and feel that it is not so terrible after all :)

tanshuyin said...

Julia...did Caris went through this stage too?
But I suppose girls are generally easier to handle than boys? hehe.

Serenely said...

Gosh, so it's a REAL phenomenon! It's quite amusing to read about ^_^ but I'm sure the actual first hand experience is not as amusing. From what I read, the fact that you haven't jumped off a cliff yet despite everything Shern has been throwing at you means you are doing pretty well.

tanshuyin said...


haha. I did not believe it really til now. i really hope it doesnt last long.
some parents are saying that they last gosh. they are really scaring me now!

Julia said...

They sort of like evolve. Throwing tantrum becomes talking back to you, saying No becomes purposely dare you to spank her.. stuffs like that. But i guess boys can get rougher