Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shern On A Funicular Train Up To Penang Hill

We took Shern up Penang Hill more than 2 months ago and now only I am blogging about it.

I am so behind all my blog posts. There are still a few places of Cuti-cuti Penang posts I haven't blogged, and not to mention my baking posts (yes, I am still baking but no time to post recipes up) and my never-ending USA posts. And if you are waiting for me to blog about my recent Singapore Trip, better don't. I don't even know if I am going to blog about it. ;)

Anyway, back to the topic. We brought Shern up to Penang Hill mainly for him to sit the funicular train. It was his first time on a train, and up to the Penang Hill.

7 August 2011

Shern was very, very into trains. He loves trains, which explains why I chose Train to be his 2nd Birthday Party Theme.
He was looking in awe of all the trains exhibited there in the mini museum at the Penang Hill Lower Station.

It was also hubby and my first time taking this new funicular train. The new rates were RM8 for adults with MyKad and free for Shern.

While queuing up for the train to arrive, Shern was excited when he saw the train pulling into the station. It was quite difficult to get him to turn the other way to snap a photo of him looking at the camera and not the train.

Shern was sitting on my lap.

These 2 photos were taken before more people crowded the whole floor space of the train. We waited quite long for the train to depart, although the train was full. Actually, too long, almost 20 minutes. Shern was getting impatient and it was getting stuffy too with so many people.

If you wonder why there are so many photos of the 3 of us, it was because Shu-Min was the photographer. Yes, she followed us up Penang Hill. :)

At last when it departed, we could see a beautiful view of Penang Island. This new train was fast. Took only 10 minutes to reach the Upper Station.

This was taken at the Upper Station when we got off the train, and before the driver shouted "no photos here". Oopss.

I always love this view of the railway tracks out from the tunnel.

Below is a must-take photo standing in front of the words Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill).

Standing in front of the antique funicular train. Surprisingly, Shern did not want to go up this train. I wonder if it doesn't look like a train to Shern.

Caught a lady holding a colourful umbrella.

Too bad we went up there just after a bout of rain, which means the playground was wet, so Shern couldn't play the slides.

Took a photo in front of the Indian Temple.

And also on top of a stage in front of this big banner.

Nothing much to do up there, so we ordered the ice-kacang. Must have ordered from the wrong stall because it tasted yucky. Haha.

While we were having ice-kacang, Shern was enjoying his favourite Yakult. :)

After that, we got down. It was a short trip up Penang Hill.
We would go again and hope it doesn't rain so that Shern could run about the playground there.

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