Friday, September 30, 2011

Mr. Clean Freak

Shern is a clean freak. Don't be mistaken, he is only a clean freak when it comes to himself. When it comes to tidying his play area or ask him to keep his toys, 9 out of 10 times he pretended not to hear me.

Ok, back to his clean freak nature. Shern started off not liking sand. He was actually feeling very eekie that the sand was stuck to his feet and they wouldn't come off. But of course after a while and with us bringing him to the beach more often, he got used to it and is no longer afraid of the sand.

Shern usually wears sandals everywhere. You know the kind where you can see the toes and other parts of the feet. Which means that sands and other stuff can get into his sandals. So sometimes when we walk halfway, he would tell us his feet is 'ekk ekk' (slang for dirty) and need us to wipe his feet.

Like yesterday when we brought him to the Youth Park again, we stopped like 3-4 times just to wipe the 'ekk ekk' off his feet.

29 September 2011

And it happens again today when we brought him up Penang Hill. It's OK if there is, but sometimes we just couldn't find the small pebble or even a grain of sand on his feet.

30 September 2011

But I can't blame him. If sand or a small pebble ever gets inside my shoe, I would also want to remove it immediately.

It's just that it happens every time we go to the playground. And each visit, we encountered this several times. Haha.

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