Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shern to Penang Youth Park

It was on a Monday morning in early August. Shern woke up rather early so we decided to bring him to Youth Park for a good workout. 'Til then we have not brought him there yet. I purposely choose a weekday morning so that it will not be so packed. Weekend evenings at Youth Park is usually very packed as it is a very nice place for families and kids and adults-like to hang out.

So after his usual morning 6oz milk and bath, we changed him into something cooling to wear as I was afraid that it will be quite warm when the sun is out. We are after all in a warm and humid country.

By the time we reached Youth Park and parked our car, it was almost 1oam. The sun was out but we were very glad that Youth Park is full of trees, which provide us the much needed shade. It was not hot at all, but in fact rather cooling with the occasional breeze.

Youth Park has many 'mini playgrounds', and below was the first one we went to.
Shern's eyes immediately sparkled when he saw the place.

8 August 2011

Look at his happy smiling face even when climbing up the steps.

And below was his cheesy-show-all-teeth smile while sliding on the slides!

Shern peeking out from the 'window' smiling at the camera, and showing us a cheeky face.

Shern climbing up a step higher to reach a higher slide.

Shern preparing to slide down the higher slide.

After that, off he went to take daddy's hands to the next 'mini playground' not far away.

We saw this huge ball and Shern was trying to lift it up the ground. He failed of course. Haha.

Shern spotted a tunnel and was so happy to go through it. He went through it again and again and again. He is very into tunnel since Kong-kong drove through the North-South Highway Ipoh tunnel during his trip to KL in July.

Then off we walked further again. Shern holding daddy's hands and went exploring!

Then we spotted another 'mini playground' and off he went again.
Shern grinning while climbing up the steps.

And this time, it was a twirly slide.

Ready, get set, go.....Round and round he went!

Then there was the twin slides.

And the see-through bubble.

Shern even spotted Dinasour Eggs. Haha. That was what I told him they were...dinasour eggs. He was intrigued! :P

After that we walked down a wooden bridge...

...which led us to a very nice pool with mini fountains.
I think it is a public swimming pool. We didn't swim in it but Shern had fun touching those mini fountains.

It was near there we spotted a big star on the floor.
And it was also near there we sat down a bench and had our breakfast.
Made sandwiches for all 3 of us, and Shern had his usual dose of yogurt and cheese, and a little bread, all drowned with a bottle of Yakult. Yes, he loves this kind of outing because he always gets to eat his favourite snacks.

Shern was running about while we had our breakfast.

And then we went to a few more 'mini playgrounds'. This time it had a tunnel slide, which Shern was so happy to sit through it. (I told you Youth Park has many mini playgrounds!)

Then we reached this big play area which has swings (and more slides) and other play equipment.

Shern sat on a rabbit and 'shake-shake-shake'!

And he absolutely loved riding on this purple dinasour! (His favourite colour is yellow and purple, btw!)

Then there was this big semi-circle climb which Shern was attracted to.

But he was still too young to climb on it. He just ran through the holes and he was just as happy.

After 1 1/2 hours, we went home. All 3 of us were tired. Tired but happy.
We love Youth Park because it is free and it is full of greens and fresh air.

A very good morning exercise for Shern as well! It won't be too long 'til we go again on another weekday morning! ;)

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