Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love-Hate Relationship

I have this love-hate relationship with Shern.

You see, when I'm not with Shern, I miss him like crazy. I miss his smells. I miss the way he talks. And I miss him hugging me.

But when I'm with him, he can drive me crazy. He sticks to me like a leech. He even shouted "mummy, mummy" when I just take a 20 seconds break to pee. Then you can hear him murmur "mummy shh shh cannot arr".
When I'm with him, all I want is to pee in peace.

And not to say those times when he plays with so much energy that I am all bashed up 15 minutes later. I cannot believe 2-year olds can be that energetic. I simply cannot catch up with him. But yet I'm forced to play with him because he will shout "want again, want again". He drains all my energy just after 15 minutes.

Or the times when he throws a tantrum refusing to bathe, or change clothes, or simply refused to wash his poo after he poops. How disgusting is that right?
That is when I go all crazy-monster-mummy and starts pulling my hair, simply because I can't pull his.

But a second later, my heart melts when he just blurts out "I love mummy" without any warning.

25 September 2011

I tell you, if this is not love-hate relationship, I don't know what is.

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scarediechickenme said...

hahaha...i know exactly how u feel :)