Friday, September 2, 2011

His and Hers

As I was dressing up to meet up with some friends just now, I could not find my wedding ring. I searched frantically for awhile but could not find it. I was then late for my appointment.

When I reached home, I searched for it again. My other ring with a bigger diamond was here, so I didn't think the part-time maid stole it. If she did, she would have ran off with the bigger diamond, right?
At last I found it, dropped down the drawer below. And I was so glad I found it. *phew*

My wedding ring is a simple band of white and yellow gold, with a teeny weeny 0.1 carat diamond. It is delicate and fine, and yet simple enough for every day wear.
And matching mine is hubby's simple band with a slight dent in the middle. Hubby always tell me if he loses his, he would just replaced it with a key chain.

His and Hers

Both our rings have our wedding date inscribed in it. And I just realized it has been almost 5 years)
Myy initials are also inscribed in his ring, and his initials in mine, which makes it very meaningful for us.

I'm so glad I didn't lose it. Even if I get to buy the same ring, it isn't really the same anymore. ;)
This is the one ring I treasure above any other jeweleries I have.

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