Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Childhood Memories

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I was lying awake in bed one afternoon trying to put Shern to sleep, when suddenly flashes of my childhood memory came to my mind. Some of the stuff I really could not remember, until my parents told me. But I remember many others and it makes me realized that some things cannot be forgotten:

I just want to jot them down, so that when I grow senile years from now, I can still reread my childhood memories that I can still remember now:-

  • Playing teacher-student with my sis Wen. I was the teacher of course. And I hae this hardcover bluebook which I wrote down names and ticked attendance. Wen was of course my favourite student. ;)

  • I remember crying every time I need to get back to Emah's house. I was so used to stay in Oopo's house that I did not want to leave. And dad caned me for the first and only time in my life, when I refused to leave.

  • Singing and performing outside the front door of Popo's house, not being shy when watched by neighbours. It was full accessorize performance, wearing chiffon scarf secured using headbands, etc.

  • Ran up to my Pak-Kong's place upstairs and accidentally locked my uncle in the toilet. I wonder if he knew it was me?

  • Was so sad and angry that Popo scolded me (I forgot the reason) that I ran into the room and wrote about it. That was the earliest memory I've got for jotting down my thoughts.

  • I was in Primary 5 when I found out my cousin read my diary. I was so angry at her for knowing my secret crush that I did not talk to her for weeks. Her mum came to my to apologize. I forgave her after quite some time. Forgive but don't forget. Hehe.

  • Stole some money from my Emah during Primary 1 and she found out of course! Was scolded by parents.

  • Scored all As in my Report Book in Primary 1 and my Ah-Kong was so proud of me he photocopy the page and pinned it up for everybody to see (he was still a shoemaker then).

  • Played 5 stones/7 stones with my cousin every morning before I went to kindy. Later on during my primary years, I became one of the best player for 5 stones/7 stones.

  • Missed my school bus and walked all the way home from CPT to my emah's house in Mount Erskine, accompanied by Banuga, because I did not know which public bus to take.

  • Watching The Sound of Music over and over again 1000 times, until my Ah-Kong said he knew how to act the whole show for me.

  • Remembered I told Popo that I would buy her a big car and big house to stay when I grow up. Still sad that she passed on and did not see me getting married.

  • Tickled my sis, Wen and told her to 'tahan' and not to laugh, for I was training her to get tough. She got conned by me! ;P

  • Played 'one leg' and 'catch' at Emah's house with my many cousins in Emah's house every evening.

  • One of my first few words I learnt was 'Komtar' as Popo's house was near there and my parents took me to Komtar every weekend.

So do I have a happy childhood? Well, as happy and as normal as can get I guess.

(I have many more....would be adding to this list)


Shurainian said...

Haha i also remember
- Playing teacher-student.
Remembered that blue book inside all squares wan. I remember who are your worst students too. hahha

- singing and performing.
Daisy daisy.. there was a crooked man.. bapaku belikan kereta, kereta kecil warna merah.. hahahhaa

- i also remembered the Tickle Lessons! I told Ian about it hahaha

tanshuyin said...

haha, these are some memories we will never forget! haha