Saturday, September 10, 2011

USA: Fisherman's Wharf - San Francisco, California - 8 May 2011

After Golden Gate Bridge, we went to Fisherman's Wharf. Fisherman's Wharf is a popular tourist area in San Francisco. Although I think the place is a little too commercialised, I still love going there nonetheless.

I love that although the day was bright and sunny, it was still so windy and cold being near the bay area and that I have to wear an extra thick jacket to shield me from the cold wind.

There are many stalls and shops to dine in and to do some shopping.

But firstly, we stopped for a bowl of hot Clam Chowder. Went to this stall called Fisherman's Grotto and ordered the Bread Bowl. It was really delicious. The sour dough was not that good though, but the clam chowder was really delicious.

Then we went to buy another bowl of Clam Chowder at another different stall, a bigger bowl this time. And oh my, it was a mistake. Not nice compared to the first one. And we were trying hard to finish the big bowl, as not to waste food.

Then we bought some cold crab cocktail to try at Guardino's. It was so-so.

And another box of fried calamaries and crab meat. Well, this was good.

Saw this famous Boudin Bakery Shop which churns out like millions of sourdough every year. (maybe not millions but a lot). Look at the photo on the right, the big crocodile is actually bread. Blueks.

Some of our friends went to take the boat ride for a cruise around the bay. Not us, coz I was afraid I would be seasick. So I didn't want to pay money and risk getting seasick. So we would rather just take our own sweet time and walk around.

We then walked towards Pier 39, which is one of the more popular pier.

It was so windy all the flags were waving frantically, inviting us to Pier 39. :)

There are many shops in Pier 39, many of them are cafes or restaurants. You are really spoilt for choice there. Many shops are selling seafood.

But there are also many souvenirs shops and some specialty shops selling quirky stuff, such as a shop selling all kinds of 'left-handed stuff' for lefties, etc.

Love this shop selling chocolates. San Francisco is famous for its Ghirardelli brand chocolates and I bought a few.

Most of the prices here are inflated though, because this is after all a tourist spot.
But I could not help buying some fresh cherries and some melted chocolate to munch on while walking around. :)

More shops.

This is a shop selling all kinds of candy imaginable. All kinds of colour and shapes.

And there was also a street show where someone was performing some funny acts. Couldn't really see 'coz we were too short. ;P

Behind hubby is Alcatraz.

And here are some boats docking at the pier. Nice.

Below are the scenery photos.

That's about all for Fisherman's Wharf. 'Til next USA post. :)

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