Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shern Says 'Mami' and 'Dy'!

A few days ago, Shern started saying 'Mami' whenever I asked him to. No, he is not calling it on his own yet. He only repeats after me when I ask him to say Mumm'. But the fact that he can actually says 'Mami' is good enough progress for me.
And yesterday, he also said 'Dy' when I asked him to call Daddy. Hubby & I are delighted.

As you know, Shern is a late-talker. After waiting for 20 months, these two words are really music to our ears.

Before this, all he could say was 'ai' (want), 'mumm mumm' (food), 'wou wou' (dog), 'miao miao' (cat) and a few others. Yes, he knows how to say 'wou wou' and 'miao miao' before 'mummy' and 'daddy'. Issshhh!

So I just had to blog about this, because I am just so so so happy! *crazy mum*

p/s - edited on 3 March 2011

Watch this short video clip which he says 'Mami' - 2 March 2011


WendyinKK said...

My Lyanne said "No more" as her first word. *slap my forhead*
Then it was shoe and fish

Popo came first before Mommy and weird thing is, she only sees Popo once a month.

Unknown said...

kids uttering the first word is a bliss to all parents. but it's heart warming when you call mummy & daddy :D

Angeline said...

Yay! Go Shern! Hannah called me "Mimi" before she called "Mami". Strangely enough, I quite miss "Mimi", it was different and special :)

tanshuyin said... are really unpredictable. hehe

jamie....yes. i was kinda over the clouds when i heard it. hehe

angeline....hanah is such a fast-talker. she started talking way way earlier than shern.