Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Does Having Shern In My Life Means

It means that.....

.....I get saliva all over me when Shern sleeps on my chest.
.....I get mucus/puke all over me when Shern is sick.
.....I get poop all over my hands when I wipe Shern's bum whenever he poos.
.....the photos I take are all of Shern's. My photo albums are full of his photos.
.....I need to carry an ugly diaper bag whenever we go out.
.....I can't buy high-heeled, narrow stilettos because it's difficult to walk when I carry Shern.
.....I can't buy low cut sexy dress because it tends to get pulled down/exposed when I carry Shern.
.....I never get to eat in peace because Shern always eat from my plate.
.....half of my night is spent sleeping next to Shern on the mattress because he fusses in the middle of the night.
.....I have got a baby magnet stuck to me whenever I get home - 24/7.

12 Feb 2011

So tell me, tell me, why do I still love you so much?


WendyinKK said...

I guess some things need to be trained since young.
But these early few years are precious memories that no money can buy. The poop, saliva, mucus, phlegm are all embeded in gold in our memory card.

Elly said... will eventually need him when you are old's the same thing. It's life. We take care each other. They are just like us when we are old one day and we must always remind that one day when I'm old, they need to take care us back. Same thing. But very unfortunately, kids nowadays do send their parent to old folks home and forget about their filial piety. So I always remind Jaden how I treat him now..

Unknown said...

it's a lot of sacrifice, it's not a glamourous 'job' but in the end of the day, it's satisfaction, contentment that you're able to give so much to a being. It makes you more human :D
I'd be standing on the sidelines cheering for you "Go mama!"