Saturday, March 19, 2011

Putting On A Brave Face

Sometimes i forget that this blog is my sanctuary, my personal space. I use this blog to document all my happy moments that i tend to forget that it is also a place where i can vent my unhappiness.

When i feel unhappy or sad, I find it difficult to put on a brave face when I am feeling so rotten inside. But as a mummy, I need to put on a brave face and just continue with the day.

I also need to put on a brave face, with a forced smile for my family and friends, because I do not want them to ask me questions I do not wish to answer.

But really, putting on a brave face, for all is making me feel worse. All I want is to just cry out loud!


Unknown said...

shu yin, you are a strong mother. and as a mother and wife, you are shouldering such great responsibility - both supporting and nurturing the 2 boys in your life. Be strong and turn to the Lord, He is with you always! mwah!

tanshuyin said...

thanks for the encouragement jamie.

Kate said...

Shu-Yin: Crying does not discount your strength. We're all human... we have emotions... We would be better off expressing our feelings, than bottling up. :)
Stay just the way you are.