Sunday, March 27, 2011

Me In My Twenties

I suddenly realized that I'd just celebrated my 29th birthday in January. Which means that this is the last year that I will be in my twenties. Then I went through my photos and saw how much I have changed since I was twenty (physical outlook).

So here they are. Since I was 20 years old 'til now......

2002 - This is me when I was 20. What a haircut.
Taken during Wen's b'day at mum's place.

2003 - 21 years old. I cropped my hair short. First taste of freedom when I went to Melbourne for studies.
This was taken just before I flew at Emah's house.

2004 - 22 years old. Just joined the work force.
At Coffee Beans with Pat, Lay Ming n FonLeang if I remember correctly.

2005 - 23 years old. Egg-head hairstyle - centre parting. Went to Cameron Highlands with my then bf/now hubby Peter.

2006 - 24 years old. Had our ROM and became Mrs. Lim legally. Shit, I married so young.
At the Penang Botanical Gardens.

2007 - 25 years old and had our Wedding Dinner Reception.
Taken at our first home at Coastal Towers.

2008 - 26 years old and this is the year I got pregnant and quit my job.
At Cameron Highlands again.

2009 - 27 years old. Became a mummy.
Taken 6 months after giving birth to Shern at IDT Line Dance Xmas Party.

2010 - 28 year old.
At Haagen-Dazs during my birthday.

2011 - 29 years old. My last year at being in my twenties.
Recently taken a month ago at Red Rock Hotel with my best friend, Bee Shin.

There. 10 years of me. So what did you all noticed? From a gawky, super-thin, innocent girl to a fleshy me.
So many people I have not met for quite some time came up to me and said, 'Hey, you gain more flesh now!'
Just one thing to clarify (again!). It is NOT pregnancy or Shern that makes me fat. It's my own doing. I eat too much of my own baking! :P

Another thing which remains the same. I am still a noob in makeup. Listen up, I am 29 years old and I don't own a make-up set. No mascara, no blusher, no eye colour. I only own a lipstick and a lip gloss. Hahaha. Serious...I think I need someone to help me with this. Gotta learn this before I hit 30 right?

Anyway, I'm going to enjoy my last year being a twenty-something!


Catherine said...

hahah..still very skinny ok! :P
time flies huh when you look back..

tanshuyin said...

Time really really flies. I'm no more skinny la. Fleshier dee.

Kate said...

Never too late to start make-up. I just started and still learning. :D

tanshuyin said...

haha. Any certain brand of make up stuff u use? Any recommendation?