Friday, March 4, 2011

Swimming Time Again!

During Nov-Jan each year, the swimming pool water in our apartment is very cold. As in fridge cold. Why? Because the sunlight never reach our pool therefore there is no sun heat which leads to fridge cold water. And because of that, I don't bring Shern down for a swim as often as other time.

Since we came back from Phuket, the weather in Penang was especially hot and stifling. The air is still and it was the perfect time for a dip in the pool. So recently, Shern got to swim again!

This swimming robe actually belongs to Min-Yee. Yes, this robe is nearly 20 years old and still in very tip top condition.
Wearing it, Shern looks like Thai Muay Thai pink! :P

2 March 2011

Once in the pool, Shern is a very happy toddler. In the right photo, he was pointing happily when he saw Kong Kong standing in the balcony above him.

And Shern loves the splashing of water. He is a brave boy too. Don't mind water getting into his eyes.

I just noticed that his arms floats are indeed very bright and noticeable. It seems like Shern is actually doing an advertisement for floaties! haha. But indeed they are good floats. I actually bought these secondhand from ebay.

He doesn't really need those floats in the baby pool. Since he could touch the bottom of the pool easily (the water is only up to his waist level), they aren't much use in the baby pool. But I always let him wear them so that he can get used to them and won't refuse to wear them when I sometimes bring him into the adult pool.

I like the photo below. He was leaning on the side of the pavement ready to roll his toy car.

That's him playing with his toy cars. I need to bring toy cars everywhere he goes because it is the only toy he can play with for a long period of time. He just simply roll them anywhere and he is happy.

Look at how his arm floats are getting into his way. He couldn't close him arms because two fat floats are in his way. Haha. But I insist that he must wear them so he had no choice. :)

Lovin' these two shots of him with the background trees.

Another favourite shot of mine. A different angle. My my my...I am geting to be quite a good photographer, although I am using just a point-and-shoot camera, huh? *winks*

Besides his toy cars, I brought along his stack of bowls but he just ignored them, preferring cars instead. Maybe because those bowls have got holes I guess. *shrugs*

Look how happy he is in the water? He was laughing so wide you can practically count ALL his teeth! :D

Shern is happy in the water. Mummy is happy seeing him happy. Period. :)


chiaoju said...

did u try bringing him into the big pool with his floats?

tanshuyin said...

yes, i sometimes do. he likes kicking there too. but he wont stay there for long because he wont get to roll his toy cars in the big pool.