Monday, March 28, 2011

Shern and His Flash Cards

Shern knows many words by now. Just that he can't say them YET as he is a slow talker. I'm always amazed by how much he knows though.

There is this stack of Flash Cards which I bought from Leo Bookstore for just a mere RM3. There are about 20 cards in that stack and Shern knows almost ALL of them, by looking at the pictures. No, we don't use it to flash the cards in front of him. We just tell Shern what are those pictures called and hopefully he will learn the words of them eventually. *wishful thinking*

Usually we just put out a few cards, like 4 or 5 cards, for him so that he could locate the correct card easily. And then we asked him 'where is the house', and he would point to the card. Then we would ask him 'where is the ice-cream' and so on. After he finished those 5 cards, we then took out another 5 cards, etc.

Last night however, we lay out all the cards in front of him, and asked him to point out the correct cards for us. We know it is more difficult because he would need to search for the card because there are 20 of them. But it was so much fun.

Look at the video we took of him. Taken last night in the room just before bedtime.

Ain't he a clever boy? For me, is really not bad for a 21-month old! *beams proudly*

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