Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Couple Time

So what do hubby & I do during couple time?
We watch DVDs, usually TVB drama series on our box-TV after Shern is asleep at night. Sometimes we only get to watch after 11pm.

Like today, I went to the room with Shern since 10.15pm. He took his milk and then was tossing and turning around for 1 1/2 hours. By the time Shern fell asleep, it was already 11.30pm. I was about to doze off too.

So life after having kids is like this. Everything revolves around them. And to think that I always said I want to have 3 kids. My gosh!
Now I only have 1 and I am almost going crazy. Whenever I'm at home, Shern sticks to me like a magnet. He wants me to be with him ALL the time. Even when he is playing with his cars, I need to be sitting near him.

Haha, so I can't imagine how my life will be when I am a mother of three! Or maybe I should reduce to just two?

And you know what? Hubby wants to have 5 kids! *pengsan*


Angeline said... hubby also initially wanted 5 kids, but now after one kid, he has probably changed his mind :p

tanshuyin said...

angeline...haha. easier for guys to say they want many kids. they dont have to get pregnant or breastfeed etc. :")

Julia said...

For now, I reduce to 2. I am more worried about handling 2 rather than the labour thingy...

tanshuyin said...

Julia...i know saying that i want 3 kids is really easier SAID than done. I'm not insisting i want 3. Merely my dream to have 3 if my age, health n financial permits.

I already got my hands full with Shern who is really very active n demanding. I'm not even sure what i am going to do when #2 comes, let alone #3. haha

Wishful thinking of mine!

Serenely said...

hey shuyin, thanks again for answering my question about the EBM. This post now gives me a glimpse into the not so distant future. now i think it's not so bad as my son is only 2 months old and still immobile. but can't imagine what it will be like when starts to learn how to DO things. My husband wants 4... I bargain to 3... but now I'm not sure

tanshuyin said...


Yes, before long, your son will be running about and be as active as my son! hehe. Time flies!

3 is a good number, for me at least?! hehe