Monday, March 14, 2011

Bonding with Shern

Shern got to bond with his two yee-yees while in Phuket. He has always love Min-yee, always going to her room to play with her.
When Wen-yee was back for holidays, Shern was so happy to see her. He had another person to play with.

In this photo, Wen, Min & I were sitting on the bed in the room of our hotel in Phuket. Then Shern came in and squeezed himself in between Wen-yee & Min-yee.

Here, Wen-yee brought Shern out for a breath of fresh air at the LCCT. Shern was delighted to see so many buses.

And surprisingly, Shern loves Uncle Ian. He loved to go peek at him in the room. Or took his hand to play with him. Here, Shern was having a conversation with Uncle Ian.

Now that both Wen-yee and Uncle Ian's back in South Africa, Shern misses them a lot. He loves it when he sees photo of them.
And every time I ask Shern,

'Wen-yee ai mai?'.....'Aii'......
'Uncle Ian ai mai?'.......'Aii'.....



Shurainian said...

I was so scared he will run away from us. Luckily he didnt but showed us how loving he is! (except when he did the eeh eeeh eeeh sound la!)
I must teach Shern how to eat the food that I like more... Shern always trust the food I am eating and likes to eat wan ah!

tanshuyin said...

haha. now he likes soup. and fish balls. and fish.
so kinda like u also la....