Friday, December 31, 2010

Hong Kong - Day 7 (Part 2)

This Part 2 is all about the Disney's Hollywood Hotel, and a little about the Disneyland Hotel.

After the fireworks, we went back to the hotel to activate our key cards. We were told that our baggage would be sent up to our room after we checked in. porter service! Haha.

This is what our room looks like. Really big when compared to the guesthouse we stayed for 6 nights. I'm glad we chose to stay here on our last day. Because if we stayed here on our first night, then it will surely be a disappointment when we check into our guesthouse after this!

There were 2 queen-sized beds with plenty of floor space! We could practically skipped on the floor or even rolled on the floor! Haha!
And the beds and pillows were fluffy and soft...the way I like it!

We paid RM625/night for a room for 4-person!

This is the Mickey Mouse thingy on the wall above the beds.

There is the TV in a big TV cabinet and also a table with two chairs opposite the beds.

Then on the other side of the room is the coffee area and the slide-door wardrobe with the safe and a fridge.

There were packets of complimentary tea and coffee with the usual creamer and sugar packets in Disneyland logo.

And in the bathroom, there were also touches of Disney in it.

The Shower screen is with Mickey pictures...

And there were also a complimentary cup with cap which is Mickey Ears. Even the shampoo and bath soap bottles are with Mickey Mouse Ear caps.

And on the table, you can see the usual Pocket File which consisted of the service directory and also pens and black papers, envelopes and postcards with the Disneyland logo. Then there was also the Hollywood Express which tells you the FAQ regarding the Disneyland Parks and Hotels.

Even the in-room slippers have the Mickey Logo in it. :)

After we checked in, we went out for a walk. This is the three of us in the lift.

The three of us again.

The Mickey Mirror outside the lifts.

Mickey's Lift Buttons.

The place to grab a bite.

The swimming pool area.

Outside the grounds of Disney's Hollywood Hotel.

We then took the free shuttle over to the other hotel - Disneyland Hotel.

And it was really very, very pretty - all done up Victorian-style. Min & I walked around the hotel while Hubby went to the Tsing Yi MTR Station to buy some food back for tonight and tomorrow's breakfast.

Me taking a photo with Minnie bronze statue.

The grandeur of the place.

The lovely chandeliers.

Love the wall painting.

The Enchanted Garden is a restaurant where u dine and then the Disney Characters will greet u and allow photo taking.

Outside the grounds of the Disneyland Hotel.

Even the toilets are done so prettily!

The next time if I ever have a chance to go to Hong Kong Disneyland again, I will definitely be paying another RM200-300 more and staying in Disneyland Hotel. :)

After strolling around, we decided to call it a day. I slept early while Min waited for Hubby.

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