Sunday, December 12, 2010

4th ROM Anniversary

Another anniversary celebration. Year end is full of them. Last Thursday was our 4th year together as lawfully wedded husband and wife.

9 December 2010

Hubby bought a cake and my favourite tiramisu and we had a mini cake cutting celebration in the house.

Look at Shern eying the cake. In fact, he pinched some chocolate curls into his mouth before cake cutting. I should have taken a photo of his choc smudged face.

Finally managed to get Shern look away from the cake, but looks like he was not looking at the camera as well. Well, better than the previous photo.

Then the next day, hubby took me to our most expensive meal so far - buffet dinner at Parkroyal's Tamarind Brasserie. It was a freaking RM108++ with 15% discount. Let me just sum it up here, please don't go. It is not worth it. Very little variety and food was rather bland. Desert section was below expectation. (I think I have to write a full post on the buffet dinner!)

Anyway, a photo of the lovey-dovey couple! :P
And nope, we did not bring Shern along. If I did, I would be pulling my hair, running after Shern. Haha.


SH said...

Congrats Mrs Lim! Still sane and composed post-Shern. Hehe.

tanshuyin said...

thanks siean. glad to know that im still sane to u! ;)