Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3 of Us @ Straits Quay

Since reading about Straits Quay in Mindy's blog, I wanted to go there. Glad we did yesterday.
We were greeted by this fountain and a huge Christmas tree at the entrance.

And finally coaxed Shern to walk because he wanted to touch these colourful, styrofoam sweet treats.

This is a must-take photo with the giant Christmas tree.

We were so afraid Shern would fall down the steps. Glad he didn't. :P

Another Christmas tree inside.

And Shern was reaching for the!

Shern running about under the watchful eyes of kong-kong.

Shern touching the balloons in the poster.

Saw this group of entertainers all donned in colourful costumes. There was even a clown on stilts (he was bending down to fit in this photo), who made Shern a balloon.

Nice waterfront photos just a few minutes before the sun sets.

After the sun sets, pretty lights made the waterfront even more beautiful.

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