Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bedtime Reading Cuddle

24 November 2010

I always look forward to our reading cuddle time at night, just before bedtime. It's the time when we would choose a book and we read together.
Actually, I am the one who reads aloud while Shern will be busy flipping the flaps or pointing to pictures he recognizes, such as animals, star, birds, fish, butterfly, etc.

Besides Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Shern has taken quite a liking on The Little Engine That Could, and Dear Zoo, and many others. (guess I should be doing a review on the books soon!)

It is the best time for us to cuddle, while Shern sits on my lap. Being such an active toddler, it is amazing that he can actually sit still enough to be enjoying books.
Sometimes, even is it is not bedtime yet, he would bring a book to me, asking to be read.

And while reading the books to him, I couldn't help but to smell his hair and snuggle up to him, hugging my baby close to me....


pENguiN~ said...

Such a sweet moment.. :) Btw where do u get those books?

tanshuyin said...

most of the books i get from Leo Bookstore.

You can find many good imported secondhand books from there if u do your research well b4 buying. I do many research on good children books and i usually know which are the good books once i see it on the secondhand shelves. hehe

but those good books i can find in leobookstore, then i do sometimes buy from mph or borders when there are discounts.

i usually like to go for hardcovers because they last longer and not so easily spoiled. but they are more expensive if bought brand new.