Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To The Botanical Gardens

After our visit to the Penang Turf Club Expo last Sunday morning, we went home for some rest and let Shern take a nap. After that, off we went to the Botanical Gardens.

It was also Shern's first time there. He was so excited to see grass everywhere that he wanted to walk all by himself all the time.
Min Yee-yee found a flower for Shern and he liked it so much he was holding the flower all the time.

19 December 2010

We took turns in keeping an eye on Shern.

And then Daddy went for a jog. It was then up to me to make sure Shern did not fall into the drain. He was so excited that he dragged me everywhere.

He even wanted to walk up and down all the stairs he could find.

It was also Shern's first time seeing monkeys. I made sure Shern did not go too near them as the monkeys there were very fierce.

Since Shern loved the flower so much, we asked him to 'sayang kiss-kiss' the flower. He then obliged by putting the flower next to his face. Haha. Cute!

I think I was more tired than Shern. But he had a really good time.

It was an existing but exhausting day for Shern. He konked out before 9pm. Haha.

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