Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yiu-Shern - 17 Months

This is Shern at 17 months, with his too-long, uneven, spiky hair.

Actually, these photos were taken when he was having mild food poisoning, which I found out so many days later from his paed. He was having loose stools and even vomitted once. And he completely lost his appetite.

Well, I thought it was just another teething stint. I did not know because he was just about as active as ever.

4 December 2010

Playing with his toys with his yee-yee-s who came over to stay due to the school break...

Rummaging their Uno cards...

Watching youtube videos with them...

He went about still active and all.

But looking at his photos now, he did seem to have lost some weight, my poor baby.

His appetite is back since yesterday. And not so frequent tools.
Guess the RM90 paed fee was well worth the money! :)

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