Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Happiest Place On Earth

Every girl has a dream. Some dream of meeting their prince charming. Some dream of having a fairy-tale wedding. When I was a little girl, I also had a dream.

...I dream of visiting ALL the Disneyland Parks around the world...!

Although I have not even been to a single Disneyland Parks, I can imagine the happiness there. The laughter and the joy. The happy music.

Below are segments of Walt Disney Company which I intend to visit throughout my life:

- Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong
- Disneyland Resort, California U.S
- Tokyo Disney Resort, Japan
- Disneyland Paris (Euro Disney Resort), France
- Shanghai Disneyland Resort (upcoming)

So first in my list would be Hong Kong Disneyland end of this year. I can't wait! I can't wait to bring out the child in me!
I know I would just squeal when I see Mickey there! *grin


chiaoju said...

you missed out one - Disney World in Florida. That's the Ultimate one. hehehe... it's so big! my sister took 3-4 days just to finish the park. or is it 1 week. =) that's the one i wanna go!!!

chiaoju said...

oh and remember to go on the It's a Small World cruise. it is the happiest cruise that ever sailed. =) it really is. hahaha...

tanshuyin said...

whoaaa.....i havent even been to my 1st disneyland yet. :P