Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yiu-Shern - week 4

Yiu-Shern's 4 weeks Millestone

-Yiu-Shern became more vocal starting last week.
Besides crying to get our attention, he started cooing, gurgling and grunting..mostly to himself though.

-His head/neck is is real steady now. He can heave his head up momentarily while lying flat on his stomach.

-His legs are also very strong and he started to use them to kick real hard when he is angry.

-Still having breastmilk jaundice - masih kuning!

-Took his BCG jab at his 1st month visit to the paed on 7 July 2009

Shern's growth measurement:
Age - 1 month @ 7 July 2009
Weight - 4.6 kg
Length/Height - 53 cm
Head Circumference - 37 cm

As the saying goes 'sleeping like a baby'....

Feeling proud wearing this t-shirt - I'm a Tough BOY Like My Dad

Having fun on his Activity Playmat
(This playmat actually kept him quiet for a longer period...phew... )

Mummy & Baby bonding time

Daddy & Baby bonding time

How is Mummy Doing?

- No more nipple crack/sore because they are already hardened and can withstand my vigorous sucker baby.

- Feeling less tensed and getting used to being a mummy by now.

- Am glad that Peter is actually QUITE a GOOD daddy :)

- Proud that I can handle almost everything of Yiu-Shern's - from changing diapers to bathing, etc

- Starting to express out my milk for storage - only can express 4-5oz per 3 hour sitting...little?

- Went to Gurney Plaza for the first time and felt like 'I Juz Got Out of Jail'......ecstatic!!! (ended up buying Yiu-Shern's stuff ;)

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