Monday, July 27, 2009


I lost 2 things in 1 day.

1st - my glasses.
2nd - my Cooler Bag.

Went for a quick shop to Island Plaza with mum & Min yesterday.
While trying on a dress in Somerset Bay in Metrojaya, I accidentally left my glasses in the ladies' changing room.
When I realized I left it there half an hour later, it was no more there.

I was shocked. Shocked because I never imagine someone would steal my glasses. They are not sunglasses. They are normal glasses with power.
I mean, even if they take it, they won't be able to wear it. So why take it?

I was feeling very disappointed after that, because i need my glasses. Need them to watch tv. Need them when I am driving.
And I am not a contact lens person. I just want my plain old glasses back! ;(

Then later at night, I realized I lost my Cooler Bag - the one which I use to store my expressed breastmilk (EBM).
It was no fancy cooler. Just a cheap KFC Cooler but it serves its purpose.
And my 2 blue-ice (ice replacement/ice pack) which I put inside it are gone as well.

And well, I really need a cooler bag so I had to rush to the supermarket and got myself a new cooler bag and also blue ice
Bought the Simple Dimple Cooler Bag for RM29.90.
Bought Rubbermaid Blue Ice (big) for RM12.00.

Simple Dimple Cooler Bag

Rubbermaid Blue Ice

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