Wednesday, July 15, 2009

48 hours of Formula Milk

Yiu-Shern's jaundice level is still sky-rocket high. Reading was at 245 as of yesterday.
I called Dr. Dan and he asked me to bring Yiu-Shern to his clinic along with his pee and poo-poo.

Shu-Min, ah Yee & I waitied for more than half an hour with a small bottle, just waiting for him to pee. And we took Yiu-Shern's early morning poo in his diapers for Dr. Dan.

Dr. Dan reassured me that he is quite sure that it is Breastmilk Jaundice and he asked me not to worry. He checked his pee and poo and said they looked fine.

I am also more assured as I know all the necessary tests had been done (urine, blood, ultrasound) and results show his liver is working fine and everything is normal.

But Dr. Dan said if I want the jaundice to go down more quickly, he asked me to switch to formula milk for Yiu-Shern for 2 days, then only to go back to breastfeeding him.
This is because he said the breastmilk jaundice is caused by the hormones in my breastmilk.

So to put everyone at home at ease, I am feeding him with Enfalac A+ for today and tomorrow. Hopefully, this will pull down his bilirubin level.

Seeing him crying and searching for my breasts is indeed heart-wrenching. All I could do what to tuck his bottle into his mouth....hoping he won't miss my breasts so much. ;)

From Breastmilk to EnfalacA+ for 48 hours

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