Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Review: The First Years: Breastflow BPA-Free Bottles

I want to write some reviews on the baby products which I bought and am using - in hope to help the mothers out there for some honest feedback reviews.

When I was searching for bottles, I was looking after 1 word only - BPA-free
(bisphenol A-free). . I didn't want to expose my baby to harmful chemicals that may leech from non-BPA-free plastics. Yes...I AM kiasu!

I found out that many brands does not have BPA-free bottles...even leading brands like Avent, etc.
BPA-free bottles are indeed more expensive. Almost double the prices of those brands which does not have the BPA-free stickers.

I saw The First Years: Breastflow Bottles with the sticker BPA-free on sale at Toys 'R' Us. I went home to do some research before buying them.
I like what I read online and went back to buy it the next day. I bought 5 oz bottles (3 packs) for RM49.90. (RM10 discount)

Breastflow is the only feeding system that requires both suction and compression, just like breast feeding. The nipple is designed to mimic the breast so baby can latch on and to encourage the same mouth and tongue position as breastfeeding. The double nipple system requires both suction and compression, just like breast feeding and baby controls the flow of milk. It's the bottle most like breastfeeding.

The Breastflow System is ideal for me because I plan to express out my breastmilk and feed to Yiu-Shern via bottle so that he won't be too attched to me. It is also good for nursing mothers who would like to introduce a bottle, are returning to work, or need to supplement while their baby is in day care or with a caregiver.
Because Breastflow bottles so closely mimic the feel and action of breastfeeding, care givers can bottle feed baby while Mom is working and Mom can still continue to breastfeed.

- Really works - no trouble transitioning from bottle-sucking to breast-suckling (I dunno if it is really due to this!)
- Comes with a lid for each bottle, so the bottles can be used as Storage Bottles as well.
- Baby's mouth is agape while sucking, which mimic the mouth position while suckling on my breasts.
- Wide-necked bottle which is easy to wash.

- Need time to put together the different parts of the bottle.
- When the milk flows into the teat, you need to squeeze them back into the bottle if it is too full. (but even if you don't squeeze it, baby can actually finish sucking all the milk inside, just that it takes a longer time)

Rating: 6/10


Anonymous said...

have you encountered leaking when using this bottles. can't seem to stop the leaking when feeding. sometimes from the start or in the middle of a feeding.

tanshuyin said...

hie...yes I did. But then I realized that it is because I did not close the cap properly. Try closing the cap a little more tightly (but not too tight)

And never,never open the cap in the middle of the feeding if there is still milk in the teats. It will leak out milk if you do.

Anonymous said...

If anyone other than you is feeding the baby, you MUST give the person a crash course on how to use these bottles (including everything mentioned above and how far back to tilt the bottle)! ;-)

tanshuyin said... baby is 3+ mths now and he is no longer using breastflow bottles. i changed him to bfree plus bottles

Careema said...

Try Dr Brown

tanshuyin said...

my baby switched to bfree plus bottles and now using avent bpa-free bottles coz he is an efficient suckler now changing from breast to bottle to pacifier easily.