Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Home-made Western-Style Food for Dinner

Last Sunday, mum & ah yee prepared us a very delicious Western-styled dinner.
Look at the table spread for 5. :D

Dinner spread

Fruit Salad

Sweet Potato Steamed Chicken

Crabstick Mayonnaise

Spiced Ham & Roasted Ham from Cold Storage

Tomatoes and Cucumbers

Fresh lettuce

Sausage Bacon with Brown Sugar

Whole-wheat Bread from Continental Bakery

I love this type of dinner. I love sandwiches & bread. I can eat this every day.


chiaoju said...

yay bread!

me too! im not a big fan of rice, but bread... YUM! olive oil and balsamic vinegar...

tanshuyin said...

i like rice too.
i like rice AND bread

babies said...

Slurp... looks delicious

tanshuyin said...

yongxin...yes. i will tell my mum n ahyee u praised their cooking :)