Sunday, July 26, 2009

Breastpumps Reviews

I have the privilege to try out 3 different electronic breastpumps.

Su Li from Baby Paradise (breastfeeding support group based in Penang) lives in the same apartment as my mum. (Fyi, Baby Paradise do lend out breastpumps for trial before purchasing them. Don't worry, they change into new parts before lending them to you, so they very hygienic)

They are Spectra 3, Safety Plus & Medela Mini E Breastpumps.

Spectra 3 Electric Breastpump

- Economical
- Quiet - more privacy & also allowing use without disturbing baby (useful when you wish to breastfeed baby on one breast while pumping the other - saves time and great let-down)
- Can be converted into double pump (optional breast cup)

- I find the motor not powerful enough comparingly
- Still bulky although it is said to be lighter and smaller than Spectra 2

Safety Plus Portable Electric Breastpump

Dual Stage Expression Technology (mimic breast-suckling rythm - stimulation & expression phase)
- Economical (dual stage expression tech at only a fraction of Medela Swing's price)
- Comes with a warranty period of 12 months for pump unit & AC adaptor
- AC Adapter & AA Batteries Operation
- Powerful motor

- Slow in the expression mode (which is a real no-no for me because it will take me forever to express.
- The breastshield not of clear transparent colour (don't like it because I cannot see if my milk is 'shooting' out or not)

Medela Mini Electric Breastpump

- Small & Light - ideal for travelling (smallest electric pump in the market I think)
AC Adapter & AA Batteries Operation
- Motor powerful enough - very strong suction
- Clear, transparent breastshield for better visibility

- Very noisy
- I find it uncomfortable and a little painful with ongoing pumping due to the strong suction.

All the different brands breastpumps have their own pros and cons. Which breastpump is the best for you depends on which is suitable for your needs.
All breastfeeding mums have different needs.

Among the breastpumps mentioned, I find Medela Mini E most suitable for me - because I need a pump which is small & light, strong motor power, and pumps reasonably fast. However, I am still uncomfortable with the strong suction as it gives me a little pain with ongoing pumping.
And I hate the loud and noisy motor. Everybody knows exactly what you are doing the moment you turn it on!

So I am still on the lookout for other breastpumps that better suit me!


Elly Leong said...

There are new mendela hand free pump. If I got money, I sure get one.

Wearing the Freestyle Breastpump (pix from

tanshuyin said... expensive hor? i cannot afford it also.