Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby Blues / Post-Partum Blues

I have heard and read about Post-Partum Blues / Baby Blues. But I never thought I would be one of them who would go through it.

Yes, having a baby can bring much joy, but it can also be very challenging in ways I never expected. Having a baby is both exhilarating and exhausting.

I started experiencing baby blues symptoms 4 days after delivery.

I felt weepy and sad and I found myself crying over little things. Although I am blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby and also a loving husband, I still got very depressed - it is a feeling I couldn't describe to anyone.

Worrying about many things make it worse - I felt anxious about my baby's well-being (jaundice), my transition to motherhood, and adjusting to my new routine.
I felt overwhelmed by my new responsibilities.

The physical pain of my engorged breasts added with my sleep deprivation didnt't help either. I was becoming very teary up 'til a little after the first week post-pregnancy.

Things started looking brighter after that. Breasts engorgement got better, everything got more organized, etc. All in all, I got used being a mummy

I got better as days go by...feeling more confident about everything -the baby, the routine, etc.

Thanks to a loving husband and support from family and friends, I SURVIVED! ;D


Shurainian said...

Never have i doubt that you will. Muaks!

tanshuyin said...

wen..the 1st week very sad. i even sms-ed min from the hospital

chiaoju said...

*hugs*. i knew u'll be strong enough to pull it through. glad that things are all okie now.

=) take care babe.

tanshuyin said...

chiaoju...i feel much better now. thanks ;)

Mindy said...

Hey, I think it's common for new mothers to face this. I read that some mother going through this kind of depression can't even look at their baby. So the fact that you're looking after Yiu-Shern 24 hours around the clock shows that you are handling this very well and you're a great mummy.

It gets better. At least thats what experience mothers always say. :)

tanshuyin said...

mindy...yalor. i didnt expect i will also face this.

next time u must be very very prepared. and also make sure yh support u all the matter how crazy ur decisions are. it really helps when there is someone to stand by u no matter what u say.