Friday, August 28, 2009


I am fortunate enough to own 3 pairs of Crocs now.

I am even more fortunate to bought them at extreme discounted price. Thanks to Janette sis who helped me buy them from Singapore whenever they have factory outlet sales.

Cleo - bought them for S$20

This colourful well-supported sandals is my 1st pair of Crocs.
Wore this the whole of my pregnancy. It has double cushioned comfort supports which is great. It also has enough space to cater for my swollen feet.

Rating: 9/10

Prima - bought them for S$10

This slim-fitting ballet-inspired prima is so comfortable. I like wearing this whenever I go shopping as it goes nice with my jeans and yet so comfy.
One bad thing is that it makes my feet sweat a little when I walk for too long (luckily there are holes at the front).
This type of 'closed-shoes crocs' are not for sweaty-feet people.

Rating: 8/10

Patra - bought them for S$25

This colour is not so good as it is difficult to maintain as it gets dirty easily.
The design is a bit small and narrow and thus need to get one size bigger than your normal crocs shoes size.
Bad point for me is that it is the pricier crocs compared to the other two.

Rating: 7/10

All in all, I love Crocs but I guess I would not pay full price for them - as they are priced too high. But at a fraction of the price, I don't mind owning them.

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blubbieMs said...

Hey Shu Yin! I am not sure how authentic these crocs I am going to show you are on this e-shop is but well, its below Rm50 anyway. =) Take a browse if you are interested!