Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hot Wok @ Burmah Road

10 of us went to Hot Wok last Sunday...to celebrate the birthdays of Peter, Karen & Mich.

Taste of the food was good but was pricey. Drinks are expensive - RM2 for barley, tea, etc.
Rice are not refillable. They charge RM1 per bowl. Hot water is free though, so my drink was free! ;)

We ordered 8 dishes & 2 different types of deserts (forgotten to take pics of the deserts we ordered - Sago Gula Melaka & Sago Nangka).

I commented that I read somewhere in someone's food blog comment that the mango chendol desert is not nice. Because of my comment, we received the Mango Chendol desert FOC! ;)
Anyway, I must say that it tasted weird - mango taste overpowering and I could not taste the chendol at all.

Mango Chendol desert

We got an ice-cream cake from Maxim's. RM48 and I feel not worth it because I don't like the taste. The ice-cream is too milky and cake is too spongy. Haha. Maybe because I compare it to Haagen-Daz's ice-cream cake! ;P
Anyway, it is still nice to have a cake because what's a birthday without a cake, right?

ice-cream cake from Maxim's

The b'day boys & girl - Peter, Mich & Karen

Lastly a group picture to commemorate the outing!

l to r: Mich & Wai Min, Karen, Chun Hoer, Shu-Yin & Peter, Alan & Bee Wooi, Siow Sen & Justin


Kate said...

I found most dishes were good except the disappointing mango salad and the kiam chai ark which was just too bland. What I liked most about the restaurant was the baba & nyonya setting. I simply love it!

I agree with you on the cake. Let's revert back to our usual Ritz. :)

tanshuyin said...

karen....hhaaa..next time i wanna buy cake from Sunflower..ppl say is nice!