Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shern's Gifts

Look at the many gifts Shern received from all our friends and relatives.

Gifts received while at the hospital from Mindy, Mun Yi, Chiao Ju, etc

left: Carter's clothes from Carol
right: clothes from different brands from Chun Hoer, Janette sis, mum, Soo Huey

left: lime green Bumbo Chair with Tray from IDT colleagues
right: Vtech First Year Baby Walker from IDT colleagues

left: Lamaze Fly-Away Ladybug cloth book from Anita & Cynthia
Lamaze pup squeak from say kor
Lamaze Eddie the Elephant from Angie

Hand-knitted sweater from Chin Peng

Besides the gifts mentioned above, Shern also received many hampers and baby gift sets from Amanda, Brenda, Estee, Steven, Patricia, Yi Ling, Yoke Yee, etc.

Chiao Ju's onesies and Mickey Mouse gifts are here.
Sue Mei's hand-made baby comforter gift is here
Mum's swaddle blanket gift is here.

And we also received loads of ang pows from many, many others!

All these gifts make Shern and his mum very happy! :D


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Kate said...

lucky Shern! so many goodies. :)