Monday, August 10, 2009


I stumbled upon below this 'Grace... In Heaven' blog which makes me so thankful of my healthy little angel Shern.

Kristy and her husband lost their 1st little girl, Kinsey, at birth. Kristi then became pregnant again, only to find out that their son, Grayson, has Trisomy 18. He was born on 8 July 2009 and went to Heaven on 12 July 2009.
Kristy and her husband got to spend 5 wonderful days with Grayson.
They make memorable little signs and gestures to celebrate his daily birthdays.

Kinsey Grace & Grayson Thomas -

I am so amazed at Kristi and her husband for their strengths and their optimism. I am so touched by this family on them celebrating life!

Another blog is 'Love and a Leap of Faith' whose daughter, Vera, who was born full-term by Cesarean at 1.9kg. She was diagnosed shortly after with Trisomy 18. This feisty girl is among the rare 10% of T18 infants who survive beyond their 1st year. Despite her medical issues, she continues to defy her death-sentence diagnosis. Vera was cared for by daddy Ian full-time in her first year, and now it's mommy May turn.

Vera -

I am also so amazed and touched by how much sacrificed Ian and May do for their daughter.

I now am so thankful.
Thankful that I have a healthy baby boy.
I now won't think of throwing Shern into the rubbish bin when he throws tantrums.
I now won't think of flushing Shern down the toilet bowl when he refuses to sleep from 2am-7am.

I am now so thankful.
I love you Shern.

*A rare genetic chromosomal disorder that occurs in 1 out of 3000 live births. Of the 50% of babies who make it to birth, 95% do not make it past their first year. Those who do are deemed 'long term survivors'. Despite severe mental, physical and speech development delays and multiple medical issues, learning is possible to varying degrees for these children -


chiaoju said...

i know of this couple who's first baby daughter suffered from a genetic illness where the baby was born without a proper skull. i can't remember the actual name, but i know i've definitely studied it before in f6 biology.

babies who suffered from that illness usually pass away days later. but their baby daughter fought and survived for 2 years. it was a miracle to them.

when he first told me about the story, i was most shocked and it saddens me. but both of them were happy and grateful that they had 2 miraculous years spent with her. the sacrifices they've made for her was absolutely beyond any greatness.

their 2nd daughter is most healthy and is now 5 year old. =)

to me, what's most important is to hope for a healthy baby. doesn't matter if the baby's a girl or a boy. health beats everything. =)

tanshuyin said... definitely beats anything~!!

Elly said...

I totally agree!!!

giNnA said...

Although healthy beats everything, parents themeselves also need to be optimistic whenever their children face any illness. Do believe in miracle and fight for the best for your children. A lot of things that we never experience in our life do not mean that it doesn't exist. Thankful!

tanshuyin said...

Yf...well said. yes...we as parents shd never give up on our children!