Monday, August 17, 2009

Yiu-Shern - Week 10

10 Aug 2009 - see how cute I am!

Yiu-Shern's 10 weeks Milestone


One thing I dread is cleaning up his poop. He poo-s large amount lately until it fills up his whole lampin up to his waist. It is such a mess to clean him up, so he usually ends up in the bath tub.
Sometimes I think it is his trick. He likes to bathe so I think he will keep all his poop and then poo-s them out in one go so that he gets to bathe.

He is such a drama. Many a time he will be crying and crying until he falls asleep. Then suddenly he will wake up and remember that he is supposed to be upset and then continues to cry.

His nails are so sharp. Actually they are so thin that they cut like paper. I am still so afraid to remove his mittens in fear that he will scratch his face in one of his crying fits. Not that he has not done that yet. He had scratched himself (especially his face) a few times and it hurts me to see scratches on his angelic face.

But if I do not remove his mittens, how is he going to feel the different textures and shapes and to start developing his motor skills?

from top left to right:
8 Aug 09 - dreaming about making my millions when I grow up
9 Aug 09 - smiling in my dreams
9 Aug 09 - oi, what you looking at? never see handsome boy before arr?
10 Aug 09 - y I don't have dimples like mummy when I smile?

Shern has been drooling a lot these days. Maybe because he has finally know the existence of his hands and has been sucking his little drumstick hands whenever he has a chance,cause which is seldom because I always make sure he has his mittens on. Even so, he will still suck them 'til his mittens are all wet with drool....ewwwww......

9 Aug 2009 - what a drool!

10 Aug 2009 - tasty little drumlets

As mentioned before, Shern absolutely loves looking at the mirror. He gets lots of opportunities to look at the large mirror in his Activity Gym/Playmat.
The fun part is he has absolutely no idea that the person he is staring into is himself!

8 Aug 2009 - who is that naughty baby in the mirror?

How Is Mummy Doing?

I am trying to teach Shern to sleep through the night. No idea which method works yet. Will try them out and update again when Shern successfully sleeps through the night.

As Shern is now drinking 3oz EBM every 2 hours, I need to increase my pumping time. Now pumping 3oz every 2 1/2 hourly. If my milk supply do not increase, I may not have enough milk for Shern. *worrying

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