Monday, August 24, 2009

Yiu-Shern - week 11

Yiu-Shern's 11 weeks Milestone

Peter has got boils on his arms. Then unfortunately, he spread it to Shern. So Shern has got boils on his hand! Sigh....
As Shern always put his hands to his mouth, I was so afraid that it will spread to his face. So I put a plaster over his boils. The next day, when I took out the plaster, the place was covered with rashes. It must be an allergy reaction. (but he always got plaster on after injection and there was no allergy...)

I quickly took him to see the paed and he confirmed that they are boils and it was an allergy reaction to the plaster. He recommended to air the affected area and he prescribed some cream to apply. It got better the following day. Ahh...the magic of medication...

During the day time, Shern is still drinking 3oz EBM every 2 hourly whenever he is awake. If he sleeps, it may drag more than 2 hours.
During night time, he still suckle at my breasts happily although sleepily...

Shern is out-growing many of his clothes. He cannot fit into some of his 0-3 mths clothes anymore. So now I let him wear all clothings even though he does not go out of the house. It is such a delight to dress him up and then take photos of him!
I'm really amazed on how much he has grown. From so teeny weeny to such a big baby now.

His neck is very strong and he can lift his head up 90 degree even before end of his 3rd month. He enjoys doing mini push-ups...lifting his head to see the world when he is on his tummy.

Fist Sucking
He loves to suck at his fingers and fist. He can now put his fist into his mouth - even his whole fist. I still make him wear his mittens to prevent him from scratching his own face. Therefore, whenever he tries sucking his own fist, his mittens are draining wet.

No more rare, occasional smiles. Shern is always smiling these days.

16 Aug 2009

Look at his cheeky, sexy, seducing smile.......ahhhhh........*girls screaming from 10 miles away..fainting*

23 Aug 2009

How Is Mummy Doing?

Being able to fit into more and more of my pants now....phew....but this does not mean my tummy is back to pre-pregnancy size or my hips have shrunk. It just shrank a 'lil bit and am now being able to zippety-zip.

I have a huge appetite nowadays. I am not dieting because I am still breastfeeding (good excuse not to be on diet as I have never been on diet my whole life! :P). I love carbohydrates - rice, bread, potatoes.
Gosh....if you could just see me will be shocked! ;D


chiaoju said...

most adorable. wish i could see him soon.

tanshuyin said...

haha..come come. most welcome ;0)

Elly said...

Look like he is up to a challenge on the last pic..hahah so cute

tanshuyin said...

yes...i also especially like the last pic ;)

Anonymous said...

i like the last pic too :)

chin peng

Anonymous said...

yes!..I like de last snap too.
realcheeky wz '584'look lo...akkakaka