Monday, August 17, 2009

Just the 3 of Us for the weekend

Parents together with Min & Ah Yee went to Genting Highlands last weekend. So 3 of us stayed in our home for the whole weekend.

We had fun spending all of our time with Shern.

Shern & me - 17 Aug 09 & 16 Aug 09

Shern with Daddy & Shern with Mummy - wearing his 'banduan' outfit - 17 Aug 09

3 of Us on the Bed - 17 Aug 09

Shern was QUITE a good boy the whole weekend. Not much drama except for a poop-overflow incident.

You see, Shern did not poo on Saturday. I was quite worried then, coz that was the first time he missed a day. But on Sunday, while b/feeding him, I heard a loud woosh ploop sound. I quickly unlatched him and's a big mess!

His poop overflowed out of his lampin and let's just say it was a messy affair!


chiaoju said...

u know that last pic, yiu-shern looks more like u! hahaha... =D

tanshuyin said...


Julia said...

i was going to say Shen looks a lot like his Daddy until i saw these comments. haha

tanshuyin said...

julia...dont worry...coz 99% of the ppl says Shern looks like his daddy! :)