Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Dearest Darlin' Peter

It was Peter's birthday 3 days ago - 18 Aug 2009. It was Peter's first birthday as a daddy.

I wanted to get him a document bag (the one he is using now has holes!).

I rushed to Metrojaya & got him a document bag which can be used as a laptop bag as well.
Went to Ritz and bought Lychee Flan.
Rushed home before Peter got back and before Shern starts to scream! ;P

2 of us went out for dinner at Bella Italia.

Dinner there this time was so-so only.

We had the Spagehetti Alla Bella Italia recommended by the waiter. It was spaghetti with prawns, clams and asparagus in white garlic sauce.
I didn't like it as it had some kind of 'fishy' smell. And the sauce was not oomphh enough. But the spaghetti was done nicely - not too hard nor soft.

The Lasagna Di Carne was as delicious as ever. The layered pasta baked with minced beef sauce, cheese and creamy bechamel sauce is to die for. It is the best lasagna in town

l to r:
Spagehetti Alla Bella Italia, and Lasagna Di Carne

Had a mini cake-cutting celebration with family.

Peter with my present to him and Twisties from Min :)

Happy 29th birthday Darlin' Peter and I love you!

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