Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Hair Cut & New Camera Canon Ixus 110 IS Review

I bought a new digital camera. Nah, nothing spectacular...just another new point-and-shoot digi camera. My faithful 6 years Canon Ixus 50 is still in good working condition but the image stabilizer is not so good - which is the reason why I buy my new Canon Ixus 110 IS.
I want to be able to capture all of Shern's expressions! ;D

Kids will be kids and Shern is always moving, thus difficult to capture his expressions without coming out blur. But my new Ixus 110 is spectacular. Pics are so clear even though he is moving all the time. I absolutely love it.

Furthermore, I got it at a bargain at the most recent PC Fair. So lagi happy!

One of the first few pics I took was of my new haircut...and with Shern in my arms. :)
Short huh? My hair almost reached my waist before I chopped it off.

Let me incorporate the review of my new Canon Ixus 110 IS in this blog entry as well.

Mine's PINK of course.... :D

- 2.8mm wide-angle lens
- Good image stabilizer
- has Smart Auto shooting mode
- Takes good indoor photos with minimal lighting
- Has explanatory on-screen notes
- Relatively large LCD screen - 2.8" and is easy to see under any lighting conditions and with scratch resistance, anti-reflecting coating
- Create high quality movies
- Blink detection - A 3-second warning appears immediately as you reviewed the shots after shooting when subjects with closed eyes are detected.

- Quite big for a point-and-shoot camera
- Don't like the glossy colours of the camera itself
- Slower response when flash is being used
- Expensive (Canon is always expensive!)

Rating: 8/10


Mindy said...

Looking good with your new hairstyle :)

tanshuyin said...

juz crop it short nya. i very boring wan..dont dare to change so much wan