Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mini Individual Cheesecakes

Baked these mini individual cheesecakes yesterday. Baking cheesecakes are expensive. Cream cheese are expensive. But I like cheese. So do all the GIRLS in my family. :)

Cut out strips of parchment paper and put it below the base for easier removal of the cakes later.

Filling and pressing down the crust to make the base.

Poured in the fillings

The cheesecakes after they were baked and chilled overnight.

(Recipe says that cheesecakes are cakes that should not be eaten straightaway - should be refrigerated for a few hours or overnight for the flavours to blend and texture to be firmed.) mini individual cheesecakes!

(I should be putting blackberries or raspberries or even strawberries as topping. However, I have none of those so I put a grape on top of each cheesecakes instead. They look funny, I know! Bah! )

Anyway, even Peter ate these cute cheesecakes so they must be good! ;D


chiaoju said...

oooo... it looks absolutely yummy! can i have one? before i go off? pls? =)

Huey said...

LOL! I actually thought those are cherries. Eh nice nice!

tanshuyin said...

chiaoju..haha. one day i will bake smtg for u. dont worry ;D

huey..haha. not cherries. GRAPES. muahahaha.
looks funny meh?

Jen said...

clever indeed to put paper

tanshuyin said...

jen...i read it from the recipe website wan to put paper. not i sendiri thought of it wan :P